Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fall and Spring Outfit Board...Oh Pinterest

So I created the following board and I absolutely think this could be a great fall or spring outfit!  What do you think??

**links included in descriptions below

1.  Love this top from Modcloth
2.  Chandelier earrings...can't get enough!  The first are Stella & Dot...second pair were on longer there :(
3.  Essie nail love with this color!  Demure Vixen
4. Thinking this beautiful scarf just might be in my stocking this year :)  Modcloth
5.  I've been looking for an initial necklace...and "A" and a "J".  Etsy Love!
6.  Just a pair of skinny jeans for boots.
7.  An everyday top that you can wear with just about anything!  Modcloth (can you see a trend here??)
8.  And last but certainly not least...BOOTS!  These beauties are from Kohl's!

So there's my perfect fall/spring outfit...what does your perfect outfit look like?

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