Friday, January 3, 2014

Coconut Oil Chicken - Healthy Dog Snack...

So I'm always on the search for something that's healthy for our dogs to snack on...a treat!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I will do a post on it one day...our dogs are on a grain free diet.  Because of this, I have to be careful about store bought really have to look at the package, just as you would for yourself in the grocery store, when your pet is on a special diet. 

A few years ago, I did lots of research regarding Coconut Oil.  It's great, I know I've talked about it here before, and there are so many wonderful benefits for you!  But did you know those same benefits can help our 4-legged friends?  If your pet is scratching, itchy, you can put it on them topically (beware, it is an oil, therefore greasy!) or add it to their food.  I have heated it on the stove just to melting point and poured it over their food (don't give it to them until it's cooled) and I've also added it to their water.  They will even just lick it off of my's great!

When I cook with chicken, I always butcher the meat even more than the grocery store does!  I'm very picky about it and cut off all the stuff I don't want to eat.  Instead of throwing it away, I boil it, add coconut oil to the water and once it's done and cooled, I give it to my dogs as "treats".  And boy do they LOVE it!  Below are the ingredients as well as a couple of pictures...I apologize for the blurriness but there was NO getting them to calm down when this stuff is around!!  I have no doubt that your fur-baby will enjoy it!!

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